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    Find a Reliable German Partner
    A partner company matching your business case
    Enter Europe Through its Economic Powerhouse
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    Find a US Partner for your Business
    Gain Access to the World's Most Advanced Economy
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    Find the Right Canadian Partner
    Access the NAFTA Market from Canada
    Companies from Commodities to High-Tech

We offer

Competent, professional and targeted business partner search and matchmaking services for international expansion projects. With our assistance your projects get implemented much faster and with less risk involved.

Strategic Approach

Together, we'll define the goals for a successful internationalization project that increases the value of your business.

Tailored to SME

Given the limited resources of smaller firms, we assist in locating and selecting appropriate partners.

Focus on Matchmaking

We take care of the time-consuming research process and you choose from a list of hand-selected potential partners.

Complementary Services

We provide you with introductions to service providers such as legal advisors, translators, economic development agencies (EDOs) and utilities.

Implementation in only a few weeks

Our business partner search according to your criteria is fast, efficient and on target: Already after a few weeks you’ll be introduced to potential partners.

Efficient use of Resources

Leave the time-consuming search for needles in the haystack to us and instead use your resources to actually implement your expansion project.

Why choose a Business Partnership?

Overcome Obstacles

The lack of suitable business partners is one of the top three challenges companies face when pursuing internationalization.

Navigate Foreign Markets

Local partners are in the ideal position to navigate administrative hurdles and cultural differences in your target market.

Reduce risk

Gain target market experience and establish a customer base before committing to foreign direct investment.

Reduce cost

Share resources and build on a partner's existing presence in the target market.